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Who is ready to put some fun and pep in your freezer meal prep?

I know that some days it is simply exhausting to even think about about what is for dinner (let alone cook it). It doesn't have to be so stressful. If dinner feels like a dreaded chore, then you're in the right place! Let me show you a "freezier" way to get dinner on the table.

I'm Stephie - the creator of The Freezer Meal Club. 

In addition to prepping freezer meals for my family, I also did it professionally! I ran a local freezer meal dinner delivery & party business for over 5 years. I guess you could say that I am a freezer meal prepper extraordinaire! I have personally made hundreds of freezer meals a month in a commercial kitchen and delivered them to busy moms, parents, and others in my area. I started my business as a self-funded woman and built it with my own two hands (and brain, heart, and hutzpah). 

My business was featured on The Kitchn website & was also named to the 2016 Entrepreneur Magazine list of the top 360 entrepreneurial companies in America. Say whaaat? Little ol' me? I'm still pinching myself. It just goes to show what happens when you follow your bliss.

Prior to starting my business, I spent over 15 years in the corporate world managing everything from customer service to sales to project management. I have a master’s certificate in project management. I’ve always loved cooking & entertaining and just wasn’t feeling fulfilled in my career...and I took a leap of faith. 

I am the mom of two beautiful daughters who are now both grown & out of college. I was a young mom (at age 18) so I know all about struggles and working hard to pursue your dreams! My first grandbaby arrived this year (2019) and I’m super thrilled (he's the cutest little thing)!

When my girls were younger they were busy in travel soccer and competitive gymnastics so I definitely know first hand the struggles of being a busy mom & trying to get dinner on the table (and let me tell you, freezer meals are my JAM).

I truly enjoy cooking, testing and sharing recipes with others and inspiring women in the kitchen (and beyond).  Whether you are new to freezer cooking and looking to get started or just want to get some new recipe ideas each month or mix & mingle with some kitchen besties online, I know you'll find a warm and comforting place here in the club. 

Your freezer friend,



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