Get monthly prep & freeze guides (with recipes, prep instructions, & complete grocery lists) to save you time in the kitchen!

Trust me, you are going to LOVE having home-cooked MEALS at the ready! 

Hi there, I'm Stephie!

I stumbled across the concept of freezer meal prepping many years ago as a BUSY working mom who was struggling to get dinner on the table every night.

I was feeling guilty about the amount of hot dogs, drive thru meals, and frozen chicken nuggets I was feeding my family a few nights a week.  

I love to cook, but I didn't have the time or energy to do it EVERY night.

I realized that I needed a realistic solution to fill in 30 dinners a month. 

I discovered I could get almost 2 weeks of dinners in my freezer with just one simple prep session, that only took me about two hours!!! It was the perfect solution for those busy nights.

Instead of relying on the drive thru or takeout or overly processed foods, I could pull out a freezer meal! Score!

Freezer meals were a game changer!

Matter of fact, I loved them so much, I started a business delivering hundreds of freezer meals a week to busy moms in my town! After almost 6 years of prepping professionally, I decided I wanted to share my love of freezer meals ONLINE and...The Freezer Meal Club was born.

The Freezer Meal Club membership includes.....

Monthly Prep & Freeze Bundles

You will get a new freezer meal prep plan on the 1st of EVERY MONTH to help you prep 10 or more meals for you freezer in about 2 hours. That's almost 2 weeks of dinners you can cross of your to-do list. Double some of the recipes and you can easily have up to 15-20 meals in your freezer (assuming you have the space lol) with just a little more effort. The prep plans include 10 new recipes every month + prep instructions + cooking instructions + a complete grocery list.

Online Club Hub

All of your club resources in one place! You can login and view or print the monthly plans (including all of the 2019 plans) PLUS get mini prep plans and bonus bundles throughout the year. New recipes are added every month.

Private Facebook Community

You're not alone in your dinner struggle. This is where our community of FREEZER FRIENDS will have fun & interact with each other! You can ask questions, share new ideas/recipes, and get inspired.

New Recipe Box (over 190 tried and true freezer meal recipes) 

The membership site got a makeover for 2020 with the addition of a recipe archive with over 190 tried and true freezer meal recipes you get immediate access to when you join

And More!

There are occasional free giveaways, templates, live prep sessions, and videos.

Bonus Perks!!

As a club member, you will get FREE access to any new courses, workshops, or special freezer meal plans that I release/sell during the year to non-members (Conquer Your Instant Pot Course, a month of LOW CARB dinner plans, a month of CROCKPOT dinners, and more to come)! 

You get all this for ONLY $47 a year.

Let me put that in perspective...that's less than $1 a week (and less than one caffe mocha a month). Whatcha waiting for?

I will be by your side every step of the way (virtually, of course) to answer questions and provide tips, encouragement, and inspiration.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • I don't have the time or energy to cook dinner every night.
  • I often forget to plan ahead for dinner.
  • I struggle with deciding what to make for dinner.
  • I don't have the time to meal plan or research recipes.
  • I am a drive-thru diva and honestly, I'm feeling guilty about what I'm feeding my kids and family. 
  • I spend too much money on takeout and going out to eat.
  • Good golly! I am tired of all the ads and pop ups on recipe blogs.
  • Dinnertime overwhelms me. Someone please helpppp me get more organized!

Hint: The Freezer Meal Club can help with all of these. :)


It's not a chore, like dusting or laundry, that you can put off until tomorrow. THE FAMILY HAS TO EAT DINNER TONIGHT, RIGHT? Trust me, I know firsthand the struggle of getting dinner on the table EVERY-SINGLE-NIGHT. It takes a lot of effort (that often goes unappreciated)...planning, shopping, cooking, cleaning. I personally love to cook, but I don't have the time or energy to do it EVERY night. I created the club because I know that many of you are in the same boat.

The Freezer Meal Club will, without a doubt, save you valuable time, stress, and energy with cooking and meal planning. You'll find lots of new and easy dinner recipes in the online Club Hub to help inspire you in the kitchen.

You do not have to freeze the meals. You can make any of the recipes right away or prep a few for your refrigerator if you plan to make them soon. The recipes are mostly family-focused and protein-centric. You will find a bunch of Crock-Pot and Instant Pot recipes inside and many recipes that can be tweaked for low carb or gluten-free. Plus, you'll also find occasional breakfast recipes, grill-ready recipes, batch cooking recipes, and more!

Please feel free to email me at [email protected] if you have any other questions before joining. I want you to be sure this is a great fit for you!


Are you ready to FINALLY say GOODBYE to constantly wondering what is for dinner, the guilt of feeding the kids too many fast-food meals, expensive takeout, and the STRESS of last minute scrambling?

Club Member Testimonials 

"Starting to feel like I am getting a handle on dinners for my family. This service is exactly what I needed!! You have virtually eliminated the "I don't know. What do you want for dinner tonight?!" argument in our house!!"

"We prepped in 1.5 hours. Super easy. Shopping was simple too and budget friendly!" 

"Just wanted to shoot you a quick note to let you know how much I'm loving the Freezer Meal Club!  Everything I've made so far has been awesome and my boyfriend raves about each meal more than the last.  Personally, the grocery shopping list has been the biggest life saver.  Great idea and execution!  Can't wait for next month's bundle!" 

"I am so glad that you have created this resource. Thank you! I love the option of creating meals that are just as easy to cook up on a busy night as it would be for me to grab a preservative-filled frozen grocery meal. I am excited for these healthier options." 

"Prepped all of the January meals today--took me about 2.5 hours with cleanup!" 
"Thanks for this group - you've renewed my interest in meal planning again." 
"Can’t wait for the next bundle. I also have noticed a significant drop in my weekly grocery bill since I’ve been prepping and freezing." 
"I made the Garlicky Cuban Pork Tacos. They were ah-mazing! Prep for everything was so easy and I feel like I actually have some ready-to-go, nutritious, real-food options for dinner!"
"I love The Freezer Meal Club - it's so nice to have dinner on the table within 15-20 minutes of getting home. Thank you for all you do!"

"We have been LOVING all our meals all year!! "
"We had the bacon wrapped stuffed chicken over the weekend and OH MY! It was delicious!"
"Thanks so much!  I LOVE being part of the freezer meal club!  It has been such a great help to me!  I'm a widow and I was eating out way too much and living on fast food and microwave food on paper plates.  Now I cook every month and have food waiting for me at home."


The Freezer Meal Club membership may be about "freezer meals" on the surface but it's truly so much more than that. It's about reducing the weeknight dinner stress, simplifying life, and regaining control over your dinnertimes once and for all.





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