Hi there, I'm Stephie, the creator of The Freezer Meal Club! What is the club? It's an online freezer meal recipe resource + community that I created to help inspire you in the kitchen, provide monthly freezer meal planning, tips, ideas, and more. As a club member, each month you will receive a new freezer meal recipe bundle to help you fill your freezer with 8-12+ dinners with minimal effort each month. That's a few dinners each week you can cross off your to-do list!

Some days (or well, many days) cooking dinner feels like a stressful chore. It probably comes as no surprise to you to find out that dinner is one of the most time-consuming household chores. There’s the meal planning, the grocery shopping (and the hauling/putting it all away) prepping, cooking, and cleaning up. Oh my! And guess what? Dinner happens EVERY-SINGLE-DAY (and often goes unappreciated). It's not a household chore that you can procrastinate and save for another laundry. The family has to eat tonight whether you planned for it or not.


A New Freezer Meal Recipe Bundle Every Month

You will receive a new freezer recipe bundle on the 1st of each month. The bundle will include 8-12 new recipes with ingredients, prep & cooking instructions, and a complete grocery list. The bundles will be geared towards DIY (do-it-yourself) freezer meal prep sessions that can be done at home in about 2 hours! The majority of the recipes require NO PRE-COOKING! Recruit some friends & create a freezer meal swap club!

Online Membership Site

As a club member you will have access to my membership site where you can find the current month's freezer meal recipe bundle along with all of the prior monthly recipe bundles including any bonus bundles. The archive will grow each month as new bundles are added. And an added perk - no ads or pop ups or long stories to scroll through. Do you feel me? THERE'S CURRENTLY OVER 100 RECIPES ON THE MEMBERSHIP SITE THAT YOU WILL GET ACCESS TO WHEN YOU JOIN!

Private Facebook Group/Community

This is where we will have fun & interact with each other and be freezer friends! You can ask questions (of me and/or the group), share new ideas/recipes, help uplift each other in our dinner time struggles, share your freezer meal prep successes, and more. 

Weekly Pro Tips & Inspiration

You'll receive The Weekly Freezette to your inbox each week with additional pro tips, recipe ideas, meal-planning motivation, and more throughout the year. PLUS OCCASIONAL FUN CHALLENGES, FREE GIVEAWAYS, MUSIC PLAYLISTS, AND EXTRA BONUS RECIPE BUNDLES (MARVELOUS FREEZER-TO-GRILL MARINADES, MAKE AHEAD-BURGERS, SALADS-IN-A-JAR, BREAKFAST RECIPES)!

You will be supported the entire way by me along with an online tribe of freezer friends.

Do any of these sound like you?

  • I don't have the time or energy to cook dinner every night from scratch.
  • I often forget to plan ahead for dinner.
  • I struggle with deciding what to make for dinner.
  • I don't have the time to meal plan or research recipes.
  • I often find myself in the drive thru lane or feeding the kids chicken nuggets and hot dogs way too often and eeek, you're feeling kind of guilty about that.
  • I dread dinnertime. 
  • I am tired of all the ads and pop ups on recipe blogs.
  • I dislike cooking, period.

While I can't eliminate cooking for you completely, the monthly freezer recipe bundles/plans will, without a doubt, save you time and energy with cooking and meal planning each month. It will reduce your daily dinnertime stress tremendously.

If you commit to spending just two hours a month prepping recipes in the plans, you can get up to 12 meals in your freezer. That's 3 dinners a week you don't have to worry about. If you double some of the recipes, you could have up to 20 meals (for me, that's a months worth of dinners when taking into account some nights that we get pizza, go out to eat, or have leftovers). Are you ready to transform your dinnertimes?

What can I expect in the monthly bundles?

Each month you will get a new freezer recipe bundle (downloadable PDF) with a table of contents, recipes with easy prep day and cook day instructions, and a complete shopping list! You can view and download the bundle (and any prior monthly ones) via the membership site. Plus there will be many BONUS BUNDLES throughout the year with even more recipes (salads, breakfast items, grill-ready meals, etc).

Want to see a freezer meal prep session in action?

Watch me prep 10 freezer meals in about 30 minutes live on Facebook! Click on the picture below.

Imagine what a fully humming along stress-free dinner routine could mean for you...

Let's go back in time for a minute and envision your dinnertimes over the past three months. How many times did you forget to plan? Which probably resulted in spending extra money or making unhealthier choices on takeout, going out to eat, fast food, or an easy hot dogs and boxed mac n' cheese dinner, or heck, maybe even cereal for dinner. I've been there. NOW imagine 3 months from now - and what a fully humming along low-stress dinner routine could mean for you.

There is a "freezier" way to get dinner on the table.

 You will be amazed at how quickly you can fill your freezer with mini cooking/prep sessions over the course of a month, doubling recipes here and there, and some batch cooking. Each month you'll receive a new freezer meal recipe plan with 8-12 recipes that can be prepped in about 2 hours. 

You can easily double some or all of the recipes to make up 20 meals (if you have the freezer space) with just a little more effort and time. Wowza!

You can use the recipes in the way that makes the most sense for YOU. You can prep once a month or twice a month or you may prefer to prep weekly and not freeze your meals. Or perhaps you want to create a freezer meal swap group/club with your friends and split up the recipes and the work!

What type of meals will be included in the recipe bundles? The main focus will be family-friendly freezer meals. These are all meals I have personally made and tested! I am trying to eat lighter/healthier at home and have quite a bit of experience with making low carb/keto/whole 30 meals so you will get some recommendations for how to make some of the meals lighter. 

My purpose is to help you fill your freezer with easy & delicious meals/recipes for those busy I-don't-feel-like-cooking nights that we all have each week.

Instead of stressing over dinner, spend more time and energy on the important things in your life (your family, your friends, Netflix binging, that good book you've been dying to read, that gym membership that's been collecting dust, that hobby you enjoy.....ya know what I mean).

Member Testimonials

"Just wanted to shoot you a quick note to let you know how much I'm loving the Freezer Meal Club!  Everything I've made so far has been awesome and my boyfriend raves about each meal more than the last.  Personally, the grocery shopping list has been the biggest life saver.  Great idea and execution!  Can't wait for next month's bundle!" 

"I am so glad that you have created this resource. Thank you! I love the option of creating meals that are just as easy to cook up on a busy night as it would be for me to grab a preservative-filled frozen grocery meal. I am excited for these healthier options." 

"I totally forgot to take pictures, but I prepped yesterday. It took me under 3 hours, including clean up. I really enjoyed jamming to the playlist while I was working too! I started with the Pesto Chicken and it was super yummy! I can’t wait to try the others." 
"Prepped all of the January meals today--took me about 2.5 hours with cleanup! Popped the ravioli lasagna in the oven for dinner tonight--SO tasty!! Thanks Stephie--this one will be in my dinner rotation for sure!" 
"Just finished 10 meals from February bundle and mini-bundle. Looking at this and starting to feel like I am getting a handle on dinners for my family. Thank you, Stephie! This service is exactly what I needed!! You have virtually eliminated the 'I don't know. What do you want for dinner tonight?!' argument in this house!!" 
"Thanks or this group - you've renewed my interest in meal planning again." 
"Can’t wait for the next bundle. I also have noticed a significant drop in my weekly grocery bill since I’ve been prepping and freezing." 
"I made the Garlicky Cuban Pork Tacos. They were ah-mazing! My 13 y/o who is very picky asked me if she could have the leftovers last night! Prep for everything was so easy and I feel like I actually have some ready-to-go, nutritious, real-food options for dinner!"
"I love The Freezer Meal Club - it's so nice to have dinner on the table within 15-20 minutes of getting home. Thank you for all you do!"
"We prepped in 1.5 hours. Super easy. Shopping was simple too and budget friendly! Can’t wait for February! " 
"Just wanted to share that I was super busy yesterday shopping and prepping the recipes we received and the first meal was delicious! I made the chicken shawarma with a couple of adjustments: added sweet potatoes and yellow carrots then served over brown rice quinoa (one of those microwave pouches). Even the kids approved 🙂 Thanks Stephie!" 

"We have been LOVING all our meals all year!! We had the beef taco soup Sunday night and my son was so excited, and my 2 year old daughter asked for 2 bowls!!"
"We had the bacon wrapped stuffed chicken over the weekend and OH MY! It was delicious! Our extra picky 4 year old even tried it and loved it."
"Bacon cheeseburger meatloaf. OMG! Big hit with my carnivore loving family. Paired with IP mashed potatoes, and it was an easy to prep meal, as we start school!"
"If you have not tried the sheet pancakes, you are missing out! I made my own buttermilk and used what I had in the fridge for toppings... blueberries and peach jam. Omg. My picky boyfriend had two helpings and my 16 year old even scarfed down two helpings as well! Annnndddd, I put the last six pieces in baggies in the freezer for future school day breakfasts. I love breakfast for dinner and this made it sooo easy!"




Get a full year of the club! You will receive a new freezer meal recipe plan each month (for 12 months) + access to prior monthly plans on the membership site (since January 2019) + bonus recipes. You can easily self-cancel your membership at anytime.


Hi, I'm Stephie! 

I am a freezer meal pro! I owned a freezer meal delivery business for over 5 years. I personally cooked and prepped  hundredsssss of freezer meals every month for busy moms, parents, and others in my town.

 I know how much time & effort it takes to plan dinner each night. I created this club so you don't feel alone in your dinnertime struggle. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at [email protected]

More About Me
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